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Products We Offer:

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Fast Biz Funding enables the communities we serve to achieve their financial success by understanding their needs and implementing tailored funding solutions. Together, we can bring your business dreams to reality.
What will your business achieve with additional capital?

Purchase more inventory

Purchase bulk orders of additional products for increased profits before the busy season.

Increase my cash flow

Use our small business loan options to provide an extra cushion of cash flow.

Buy new equipment

Purchase a new piece of machinery that is vital to your industry or cover the cost of repairs of an existing piece of equipment.

Hire additional staff

Use additional working capital to bring on more employees during peak seasons or to combat staffing challenges.

Run a marketing campaign

Capture new business by reaching a larger audience through a marketing campaign.

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It’s our job at Fast Biz Funding to help small business owners, like you, achieve their dreams. We believe that you can do great things with the right help.

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